Sound Aloud, Inc. is a 501C3 nonprofit ministry that serves this generation in the areas of performing & fine arts, holistic health & wellness, fitness, and sports. SA was birthed out of the vision of our founder from her background of 34 years in the performing arts and 18 plus years working with youth. Her heart was to go beyond religious and cultural boundaries to reach this generation and give them a voice. She wanted them to know that their purpose (or as she explains it - sound) matters and give them the truth to help them discover identity and live out purpose. She was determined to merge the art of discipleship with the tools of the Creative Arts and Holistic Health principles, to help nurture and reshape a culture.  

Our Future
SA aims to offer training, support, and mentorship programs that help connect communities, organizations, and religious institutions through our programs that reach out to this generation. Through our divisions, we want to send a message of hope, deal with issues this generation face, bring cultural awareness, cross religious and cultural boundaries, and share truth. Above our standard programs, we also aim to offer educational opportunities in the arts, counseling programs, and outreach programs that service our communities. We are currently raising funds to have a multi-functional facility that will act as our central hub.