Mentorship Programs​​

​Our Real Talk division sets up diverse programs that are designed to bring awareness and deal with topics our generation face today. Our programs are done in small group settings with breakout sessions that create safe atmospheres for discussion and growth.  We use very practical elements set in real life situations that make dealing with often hard subjects comfortable, fun, and engaging. 

- Boys2Men
- Ladies with Vision 
 In these programs we use the Creative Arts as a tool to open the eyes, hearts and minds of our youth to the power of what possibilities lie with in them. When this happens purpose (their unique reason why they were created) is discovered, and identity is celebrated. Using the Creative Arts in this way is allowing us to help shape the next leaders in our families and communities. 

In these programs creative elements such as writing, voice, dance, fine arts, music, and so much more are used to teach character building, nurture developed/undeveloped gifts and talents, introduce job skills, encourage self-esteem, life skills, team building, and more!  Participants work on individual/team projects, individual growth, and then are given opporteunities to use their skills to give back to others through leading different community projects. 

Sound Aloud, Inc. connects with other skilled professionals in the artist community, work force and through various organizations to help us accomplish our task, and give these young people an opportunity to unleash endless possibilities. 
For more info please contact us and check us out on Facebook @soundaloudinc

​SA Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts Division has a variety of programs geared​ towards teaching diverse forms of the Creative arts uncompromised. We use the arts as a tool to influence positive change, build character, influence strong self-esteem, set standards in excellence, express our faith, bring cultural awareness, and produce opportunities for others to share their gifts, talents, and sound with our communities and this world. 
Our programs include:
  • Music & Voice lessons
  • Choir
  • Dance classes - hip-hop, break, step, stomp teams, lyrical, ballet, street-dance, and more
  • 1 day & weekend workshops
  • Bands 
  • Dance & Creative Arts performance teams
  • ALOUD NIGHTS - our city wide spontaneous worship nights. Worship for this generation. 
For more info please contact us and check us out on Facebook @soundaloudinc

SA Whole

Discovering purpose involves being whole from the inside out; therefore, we aim to encourage others to be whole spirit, soul, and body.  Our Wholistic Health Division designs a variety of programs for all age groups. We aim to instruct, educate, consult, support and provide the necessary tools for this generation to live purpose to the fullest. We believe that everyone has the right to be well, fit, healthy and whole. We offer fun, welcoming, and effective classes, aimed to support & maintain goals, motivate connection, offer social engagement, and equip for lifelong development and success. 
Our Programs Include:
  • Group fitness classes - Zumba®, Strong by Zumba®, Urban Dance Fusion, Toning, Weightlifting, and more
  • Group Goal led Programs - weight loss, toning, musical gain, sports specific, 
  • Holistic health coaching sessions - food talk, detox, holistic recipes, aromatherapy/essential oils, herbs, whole food plant-based discussions, and much more....
  • Wellness coaching - programs based on how to live well 
  • Sports programs - recreational sports teams/leagues, skill training and more 

For more info please contact us and check us out on Facebook @soundaloudinc



Through our mission of seeing people be whole - and inspiring a generation to be the best self they can be - we have been able to see lives transformed through how we use the Creative Arts. The results? We have been able to watch participants build confidence, overcome insecurities,  develop strong character, break out of their shells, and unleash the gift of dreams being possibilities. We offer Creative Arts programs that are specifically geared to the homeschool community, churches, and education institutions that act as a  source of creative enrichment.

Our classes will include a variety of the following:
  • Performing Arts (hip hop, stomp, break, lyrical, classical dance, and more)
  • Fine Arts 
  • Music (voice, instruments, beats, and more)
  • Voice (singing, spoken word, rap, poetry, public speaking, and more) 
  • Cultural history
  • Ending performances 

For more info please contact us and check us out on Facebook @soundaloudinc